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“I have been focused on proactively addressing issues of growth. I want our decisions today to lead the way for the prosperity of our future generations, rather than creating problems that need to be fixed.

I ask for your support as we lead Louisville to a brighter more prosperous future.

– Stuart Benson

How Can You Help?


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Why I’m Running?


    “A Few of my Accomplishments Serving You”

      » High Speed Broadband Investment

      » Investment in Parks (Vettiner Master Plan, Golf, Tennis & Pickle Ball)

      » Increased Paving from Under 3 Million to More than 30 Million Annually

      » Opposed the Defunding the Police Movement and Worked to Force the Mayor to Hire More Officers

      » Accessible Access to Your Elected Official (town halls/coffees/one on meetings with residents)

      » Our office Actively Attends the Majority of Neighborhood Zoning Meetings, Planning Commission Meetings as well as Area Plan Meetings to Make Sure we Hear the Voice of the People

      Meet Stuart Benson

      My name is Stuart Benson and I am the sum of every person I have ever met. I feel I am one of the luckiest people in the world. My Father used to say, “The harder you work the luckier you are” and so, I’ve tried to work hard all my life. My parents were good role models and they instilled confidence within me.

      My goal is to make sure you have someone in government who will listen to you and address your concerns. The hardships I’ve faced in my life and the lessons I’ve learned serving district 20 over the last 21 years has prepared me to meet the challenges we will face in the next four years. Let me tell you a little about myself.

      Linda Montfort, my high school sweetheart and I married right after graduating. We have three wonderful daughters (Laura Benson Jones, Stacie Benson Linn and Amanda Benson DeHart). Linda passed away in 1987 at the age of 39 due to her struggle with a blood disorder, called ITP. This tragedy taught me it’s not how long you live but how you live. In her short life she was a great inspiration and had a fuller life than many. She believed the more you give the more you receive.

      I met Chris, my wife, at Southeast Christian Church 36 years ago and she has two daughters (Tamara Moore Hoagland and Trisha Finnegan Demeritt).

      One year after Chris and I married, our house burned down. Although this was a challenging time, it taught us many valuable lessons. This situation put us on the receiving end of people’s generosity. During this time, we learned humility and how the most important things in life are not your possessions. That same year, my sister passed away of breast cancer and Hospice helped make a difficult time better. Through these losses we learned how important it is to cherish time with those you love.

      Before the fire, my father came down with Alzheimer’s and moved in with us. He lived with us the last seven years of his life and he taught me patience like I never knew before. It is very important to love and try to help our elderly keep their dignity. Our senior citizens should be cherished and not forgotten.

      My wife Chris and I have worked hard to overcome the normal struggles of life and we have a wonderful family. We are proud grandparents of nine. We love being grandparents and the joy it brings us.

      I am a retired teacher of the machine tool technology program at Jeffersontown & Southern High School, before that I worked at GE and Ford Motor Truck Plant as well as a being a small business owner.

      • “I believe the more you give, the more you receive.”
      • “I believe if you look for the truth, you will find it and the truth will set you free.”
      • “I believe in the constitution of the United States and in the Second Amendment to the constitution and in no law for any special group but equal laws for everyone.”
      • “I believe in representative government and each person should have the right to be heard.”

      I hope to meet everybody in the district so they can freely express their views to me. I will continue to work hard to make our district the model for the entire Metro area.

       Stuart Benson

      The Issues

      • First councilperson to introduce an eNewsletter to inform you about what’s important in District 20
      • E-communications include an eNewsletter, Real Time Zoning Map, Crime Alerts, Construction oriented “Road Shows” and Special Events. 
      • Stuart encourages you to join him for “Coffee with Your Councilman” events to discuss your concerns or gain a better understanding of issues in our local government
      • Stuart has personally visited nearly 1,000 homes this year to meet new District 20 residents to let them know they have a voice in government and has visited over 35,000 homes since 2000
      • Stuart helped coordinate the Blankenbaker Parkway extension that was completed one year from ground breaking to the ribbon cutting
      • Worked with Kentucky Department of Transportation (KYDOT) to install the express lane to the Gene Snyder from Bardstown Road
      • Working with Kentucky Department of Transportation (KYDOT) to improve the S Pope Lick improvements and the widening of Taylorsville Road from the Gene Snyder to the county line
      • Working with Kentucky Department of Transportation (KYDOT) to improve the Eastwood Cutoff/Shelbyville Road intersection
      • Prioritizing Sidewalk Repairs & New Sidewalks
      • Met with and worked hard with St. Michael’s Church and others to discuss the Urton Lane Corridor project to ensure his constituents are heard – The Corridor will be an alternate road to help with congestion on the Gene Snyder and improve traffic as the church continues to grow.   Funding is slated to be available for the extension in 2027
      • Stuart worked with city officials to get a new clubhouse for Charlie Vettiner Park and Golf Course, a dog run at the park, new tennis courts and the  extremely popular pickle ball courts as well as many new ammenities that are planned for the park as part of the master plan in the upcoming years
      • Floyd’s Fork Park (now the The Parklands – The Field of Fords Fork) – erected a community building with concession stand, meeting room and restrooms utilizing $560,000 in investments from District 20
      • Sponsored 3rd Party Anonymous Tip Line to expose government fraud and abuse
      • Helped create online to Louisville Checkbook FAQs to give you immediate access to government expenditures and contract information
      • Consistently runs one of the most efficient offices on the Metro Council
      • Fought for a stronger Ethics Ordinance – one that prohibited government officials from hiring family members and used national standards to eliminate loopholes in our legislation
      • Stuart has supported our police officers as they fight crime in Louisville. Safety is Stuart’s number one concern.
      • We must hold those who commit crimes accountable, and not allow liberal judges and prosecutors to keep putting criminals back on the streets.
      • Stuart’s experience in public safety includes working with law enforcement to get them the tools and training they need
      • Stuart has had a hand in providing the Louisville Metro Police Department with “gunshot location technology” – an incredible life-saving asset in high crime areas of Louisville. 

      Testimonials & Endorsements

      What They Say


      “We’ve known Stuart for many years. He’s an honest, hardworking individual of excellent integrity.”

      Janet Kean
      Chenoweth Run Road Resident


      “Stuart is not your usual politician.  He is kind, caring and giving.  I know from previous experience my questions to the office will be answered promptly.”

      Sheila Mead
      Hunt Country Estates Resident


      I first met Stuart when he was running for his initial term on Metro Council.  He was knocking on doors, announcing his candidacy, and seeking resident input.  I was impressed with his energy and enthusiasm and he earned my vote.  I’ve had the opportunity to contact Stuart’s office many times since then and have always found Stuart and his staff to be approachable, responsive, supportive and transparent.  I’m thankful for his stewardship of our Metro district.

      Mark Kubancik
      Saratoga Woods Resident



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